Do I need to make an appointment to view your range?
No – Both our stores in Mt Maunganui and Ponsonby have a full sample range and sample sizes in store from size 8 – 14.  The size sample range is in white so please bear that in mind when trying the samples on


Do I send you my measurements?
No – all our dresses are “Made to Order" not “custom made” meaning all our dresses are made for you from stock sizes


Can you send me the dress measurements
Our dresses are extremely true to New Zealand sizing and we strongly recommend you order your size based of the size you would normally be in any New Zealand shop rather than going off pattern measurements ie if you are a size 10 in dresses normally buy a size 10 from us.   In the past we have sent the measurements to customers and they have measured themselves incorrectly and ordered the wrong size.  If you insist that you want the measurements we will give them to you but we advise against it


Can you alter the pattern, ie make the straps thicker or dress shorter?
We do not offer the option to alter any of our patterns.  If alterations need to be made you will need to do these with a local tailor


I don’t live by any of your stores, can I order sample dresses to try on?
Yes you can, we have small range of size samples we can send or if they style you are looking at is in our stores as shop stock we can send you this also.  You can purchase the samples and we will courier them too then when they get returned we credit the cost of the dresses towards your final bridesmaid order

Can I wear normal underwear with your dresses
We suggest you wear strapless bra's and your underwear style of choice.  The lighter the colour of dress the more transparent they can be so nude underwear may be needed or you may need to purchase a nude slip.  We have had customers wear unlined white dresses with nude underwear and they have had not issues with this but it is up to your own personal choice and comfort


Can you customise your styles?
No we do not make any alterations to our patterns


What are the payment arrangements
All orders must be paid in full at time of ordering


Can you make a custom colour
We no longer make customer custom colours as we have a very wide variety of colours to choose from.  Some of our colours will have a custom colour fee applied if it is not in our “stock” bridesmaid range and the fee is a one off fee of $100

Can I get a sample of the fabric in the colours I am looking at?
Yes you can,  the cost is $10 and we will send you upto 5 colours.  You can purchase the sample fabric from our website http://www.evolutionclothing.co.nz/shop/product/4665/fabric-samples


What sizes do you make?
We make standard New Zealand sizes from size 6 – 16.  If you have bridesmaids that do not fit into this size bracket we can supply you with additional fabric so you can make a dress locally in New Zealand out of the same fabric/colour batch.  The cost for this is $30 per meter (which can only be purchased if you place an order for additional dresses) and we suggest you buy 5 – 6 meters per dress

Is it possible to re-order dress if the sizes I receive are not correct
As the dresses are made for each bridesmaid order we cannot exchange sizes If the size you have ordered does not fit.

We suggest if you are at all unsure order a bigger size then the dress can be altered to fit your Bridesmaid when it arrives in New Zealand.  It is much easier to take a dress in than take a dress out


I have a bridesmaid that is pregnant?
This can be very tricky and happens a lot.  The styles we suggest for pregnant bridesmaids are the drawstring dress 500-0023 and the cleo dress 500-0073 in 1 – 2 sizes bigger than your bridesmaid would normally be.  We also suggest that you order additional fabric (approx. 2 meters @ $30 per meter) for your pregnant bridesmaid so that you have fabric to alter the dress.  Previous customers have widened the straps to make thicker straps and added additional fabric in seams to allow for the growing baby

Do I need to order all my bridesmaid dresses at the same time?
Yes when we receive each order the fabric is dyed for that customers order. Therefore if you add dresses or fabric after your fabric for your first order has already been dyed there can be a colour variation.  All our fabric is hand dyed by a skilled craftsman and is a process where there wiill always be a colour variation between batches

Do I pay freight?
Yes, all our made to order items have a $30 delivery fee applied per delivery address.  The items are made then sent direct to you via DHL

Any rural delivery address will have an additional $30 delivery fee applied to their order.

Can you make ties for the men in the same fabric & colour as my bridesmaid dresses
Yes you can get these made but evolution does not produce them - we can supply the fabric so that you can take it to a local company in New Zealand.  Once you order the fabric we can give you the contact details.  We suggest you order 40cm of fabric per tie (minimum order of fabric is 1 meter @ $30 per meter) Please try and order the fabric at the same time as ordering your dresses otherwise there can be a colour variation between batches.  Please note the contact details for the tie maker was given to us by a previous bride and we have no affiliation with the company and we take no responsibility for their quality and service.  We believe the cost to make each tie with you supplying the fabric is $25 but this could change without notice as we have no contact with the company.